How to choose best car speakers in Malaysia

How to choose best car speakers in Malaysia

A basic guide to choosing the best speakers for your car sound system


When shopping for the best speakers for your car, there are a few important points to consider, first let's start with 2way vs mid bass

2-Way Coaxial VS Mid Bass
A mid-bass woofer is a type of speaker that produces sounds in the middle-low frequency range. Coaxial speakers are 2-way speakers mounted on the same “axis” – in other words, multiple speakers built together in the same speaker assembly. Most coaxial speakers provide a woofer cone and a separate tweeter with crossover for improved sound quality over that of a standard single cone speaker.

2-Way Coaxial Speaker advantage:

  • Easy sound upgrade: they’re a drop-in replacement for existing poor-sounding single cone speakers.
  • More speaker manufacturing options and price ranges for buyers (different levels of tweeter quality, crossover design, cone materials, etc).
  • Somewhat similar performance to separate 2-way component speakers without the need for a bulky separate crossover box.
  • They’re very common – in fact, they’re the most popular car speaker upgrade and they’re easy to find when shopping.
  • Very affordable: good coaxial speakers can be found for around $25 and up per pair depending on the size & quality.
  • Coaxial speakers can fix the poor frequency response (missing sound frequencies) you find with single-cone speakers. You nearly always get a big improvement in sound right away!

    Mid Bass Speaker advantage:

    • Add on with tweeter and crossover to enable wider range of sound from different direction
    • Better frequency response and sound accuracy overall – even entry-level component speaker sets can have really great sound quality!
    • More power handling – often 75 watts RMS, 100 watts RMS, or more.
    •Better crossover component quality.
    •Better speaker connector terminals and installation accessories.
    •The ability to mount the tweeters at a line-of-sight listening angle and height for better stereo imaging during music playback.

    Not sure which Speaker to choose from? Below are our suggestions for the best car audio system.

    6.5" 2-Way Coaxial Speakers

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